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Shaktiananda Workshop in TAMPICO TAMAULIPAS

TAMPICO TAMAULIPAS October 24, 2015 Discover how through breathing you can change your mental habits, emotional, diet and addictions   Yoguini: Swara Sakti (Alejandra Leos Pantoja) INTERNATIONAL PRANAYAMA & SWARA YOGA INSTRUCTOR, Certified International Yoga Federation , International Yoga Registry  with Swamini Ma Shaktiananda. Spinning Certified Instructor and Mountain bike Instructor / PERSONAL DETOX  PROGRAM  (in TAMPICO TAMAULIPAS […]

Femenine Health Workshop


        SUNSET  YOGA    Is an incredible moment for the practice of yoga, each class is entirely different because we work with  different methods of yoga. Tuesdays  is  ASHTANGA,  Thursday  is PURNA INTEGRAL  Saturday is  KUNDALINI SHAKTI  YOGA.   After the class we took a juice detox, we swam in the sea […]