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Scuba Dive breathing techniques & Dive therapy

 DIVERS *Reduce stress and air consumption during diving *Discover this new method created by  Swamini Shaktiananda ( Selene Gómez) in 1999 .   *DIVERS Breathing Class 1 hr/ $38 us   *Divers Massage & Therapy 1hr/ $45us *For ears, sinuses and equalize problems      *Instructors and Dive-masters from Cozumel and Playa del Carmen – 30% […]

Cozumel Yoga Center “ShaktiOm”

Cozumel Yoga Center “SHAKTIOM” first opened is doors in 1996. The first established Yoga Center on the island and pioneer in the introduction of THE HOLISTIC ARTS.  The Cozumel Yoga Center offers you all you need to unify your whole being -Mind, Body and Spirit- and beyond this by reconnecting the earth,  the ocean, every […]