Cozumel Yoga Center “ShaktiOm”

SHIVA NATARAJ/ Come and practice yoga or make your yoga teacher training with Swamini Ma Shaktiananda in the Mexican Caribbean-Cozumel island ! www.yogacozumel.com /

Cozumel Yoga Center “SHAKTIOM” first opened is doors in 1996.

The first established Yoga Center on the island and pioneer in the introduction of THE HOLISTIC ARTS.  The Cozumel Yoga Center offers you all you need to unify your whole being -Mind, Body and Spirit- and beyond this by reconnecting the earth,  the ocean, every particle of the air with you breath to become one with life itself. In friendly and pleasant environment you will….

Work your body, Control your mind, Cultivate essence and energy, take time to observe the ebb and flow of life …find the beauty in everything and within you.-Swamini Ma Shaktiananda

Though making your present beautiful and harmonious, you will transform the future of this Earth. -Swamini Ma Shaktiananda-

(posture: ASTAVAKRASANA) Yoga at the sea 2010, foto Theo allofs www.theoallofs.com -Swamini Ma Shaktiananda, en Sports Yoga-


We offer private sessions, small groups and courses for all levels and ages.

*Swami Maitreyananda,**Saint Thakar Singh,***Swamini Ma Shaktiananda,****Lama Lhanang)
  • Purna Yoga Integral® *
  • Yoga Therapy® Restorative *(Athletes who flexibility and relaxation. People with stress, tireness, etc.)
  • Individual Terapeutic Yoga ®* (Athletes and people  with spine, nees, neck, etc. problems)
  • Sports and Athletic Yoga® ***
  • Artistic Yoga® *
  • Yoga Pilates
  • Acro – Yoga
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga
  • Ashtanga Yoga Kramaji ®*
  • Power Yoga
  • Power Yoga Kramaji ® *
  • Shakti Yoga Pilates ***
  • Kundalini Shakti Yoga ® ***
  • Kundalini Tantra Yoga ® *
  • Tantra Yoga ®
  • Maha Yoga  *
  • Pre-Natal Yoga
  • Teens & Kids Yoga (Artistic, Athletic & Sports Yoga ®) *
  • Swara Yoga-PRANAYAMA (Breathing & Relaxation) *
  • Satsanga (Meditation and The Philosophy of  Yoga)
  • Nada Yoga (sound and light yoga) **
  • Pranachikitsa (Reiki Hindú) *
  • Personal AYURVEDA DIAGNOSIS (includes: Biotype, Ayurvedic diet, plan AYUR-YOGA-meditation, pranayama and exercises)
  • Yoga at the sea & Art Photography***
  • Tibetan Yoga ****
  • Belly dance and Tantra for women ***
 Swamini Ma Shaktiananda is the REPRESENTAN IN MEXICO of: *International Yoga Federation and *Yoga Alliance Internationalle. Her office and base is in COZUMEL ISLAND MEXICO. e-mail: yogamasterinternational@gmail.com / info@yogacozumel.com
International Yoga Federation

International Yoga Federation


She is the official representative of IYF, the headquarters is located in COZUMEL ISLAND.

Swamini Ma Shaktiananda ( MASTER IN YOGA ) She lives in Cozumel Island - Mexico . She represents in Mexico :International Yoga Federation and Yoga Alliance Internationalle / she directs the COZUMEL YOGA CENTER ^SHAKTIOM^, The ASHRAM Sw. Maitreyananda el Caribe./ Also she offer YOGA TEACHER TRAINING, workshops, clinics and seminar to students, yoga instructors and yoga teachers. / FACEBOOK: Swamini Ma Shaktiananda./ CONTACT: yogamasterinternational@gmail.co , info@yogacozumel.com, www.yogacozumel.com

INTERNATIONAL YOGA CERTIFICATION ( In diferent methods and styles of yoga):

Levels of Yoga:                                                   

  • Instructor Yoga Training
  • Teacher Yoga Training
  • Former of  Yoga
  • Weekend Clinics for Teachers

Other International Certification :

  • Thai-Yoga Massage
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Pranachikitza (REIKI HINDU)


To upgrade yoga instructors and teacher of yoga, also to students of yoga. Directed by Swamini Ma Shaktiananda in the GURUKULA tradition.

  •  Any method or style of yoga.
  •  Meditation, pranayama, swara, mantra, etc.
  • VYDIA YOGA – Science of Yoga, Philosophy of Yoga,  GURUKULA.

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