8:00>  KUNDALINI SHAKTI YOGA *All levels / Activating the metabolism and glandular system. Focused on health. Chakras. Flexibility and breathing. (with Swamini Shaktiananda)

9:20>  PRENATAL – YOGA *Small group only women / from 11 weeks pregnancy to 9 months (with Swamini Shaktiananda) MONDAY AND FRIDAY 

18:00>  SPORTS YOGA *Intermediate  & advance levels / Focused on the development of complex positions. Anatomy. Strength and stamina . Full flexibility. Willpower and core. (with Swamini Shaktiananda)

19:10>  KUNDALINI SHAKTI YOGA II  *All levels / Focus on the activation of the kundalini force and pure Consciousness. Techniques : Breathing , kriyas , exercises, asanas , advanced meditation , yoguic diet . (with Swamini Shaktiananda)

20:20>  PRANAYAMA* SPORTS BREATHING TECHNIQUES / all levels, physical conditions and sports (with Swamini Shaktiananda) * only MONDAYS call in advance to reserve your place.



8:00>  BELLY DANCE *Beginners (with Swamini Shaktiananda)

9:20>  THERAPEUTIC YOGA – RECOVERY (AGE & SPORTS ) *Small group /Sports  problems or injuries, joint problems for age, muscle stiffness, spine problems, postural correction, etc.  (with Swamini Shaktiananda) 

18:00>  YOGA THERAPY  *Beginners BASIC GROUP / People with stiffness , injuries and sedentary lifestyle. Different emotional conditions. Various problems of spine and joints. For athletes with injuries. (with Swamini Prem )

19:07> PURNA YOGA INTEGRAL  *Intermediate level / Focused on various techniques of yoga. Meditation, Swara Breathing. Postures and counterposes: organic, muscular , skeletal , energetic and circulatory. (with Swamini Prem )

20:15>  ASHTANGA YOGA * Nivel Intermedio / First series of ashtanga . Surya namaskar.Pranayama . Alignment. Flexibility and strength. If you want to lose weight this is your preferred option. (with Karma Swami Shivaprakash) *TUESDAYS – WEDNESDAY -THURSDAY   




YOGA AT THE SEA, is a program includes a detox  juice. The price of yoga on the beach is special and only applies in Café del Mare and not in the Ashram * Class is given with minimum 2 students, ALSO AVAILABLE PRIVATE CLASS  -please call to confirm your attendance-
YOGA THERAPY FOR ATHLETES: (windsurf, triathlon, kite, all the sports ).
The work is base in SPORTS YOGATHERAPY® – Specialized form of  Yoga, you will find stretching , muscular relaxation to release tension, also specialized  breathing for each of the sports athletes. PRIVATE CLASS to individuals, small groups and teams of any sports  ( prior appointment to whatsapp:+52 1 9871113632   
YOGATHERAPY ® /GENTLE AND RESTORATIVE  classes that mobilize the spine and joints, stretch and relax muscular tensions that cause discomfort.  Here there are specialized exercises to reduce scoliosis and lordosis of the spine. +Yogatherapy is also a complementary therapy that focuses on the sentimental zone, to be able to restore harmony in the emotional body. / more information contact: yogatherapy@yogacozumel.com
PRIVATE YOGATHERAPY®:  Assisted Stretching where the subject relaxes completely on the yoga mat, and the Yogatherapist assists his or her limbs into partial yoga postures for limbering of muscular tensions, bringing circulation to joints, increasing flexibility, producing a feeling of relief, satisfaction, and pleasure. / Appointment in advance yogatherapy@yogacozumel.com , whatsapp:+52 1 9871113632 
YOGA PRENATAL: Health in pregnancy, Psychophysical exercises, tips for the baby, Meditation, Yoga, Breathing, the correct diet, sex and postpartum. (You can begin after the 10 weeks of pregnancy). +Massage for Pregnancy available by appointment.
MEDITATION AND PRANAYAMA:– Stress Management**-  Breathing “pranayama”, Relaxation and meditation “swara yoga” to reduce stress in  athletes or  everyone who needs to relax emotional or/and mentally. Control of  blood pressure, anger and many other emotions. (*ALL THE LEVELS AND CONDITIONS)  


 5av sur # 699 , down town   telf (987) 8691055, mobil:  9871113632 / info@yogacozumel.com / www.yogacozumel.com / www.yogamexico.net 


Swamini Ma Shaktiananda (YOGA MASTER). Secretary in Mexico of International Yoga Federation. Lineage: Swami Asuri Kapila, Swami Dharmachary Maitreyananda. Founds SHAKTIOM Cozumel Yoga Center in 1996. Director of Swami Ashram Maitreyananda in the Mexican Caribbean where we offer THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Purna Yoga Integral and different methods, stilyes and techniques of yoga / www.yogamexico.net / yogamasterinternational@gmail.com / facebook: Swamini Ma Shaktiananda
Ashramacharini Swamini Ma Shaktiananda. “GURUMA” she is the spiritual guide of Ashram (School of yoga).
Representative in Mexico of INTERNATIONAL YOGA FEDERATION. Lineage: Dharmachary Swami Maitreyananda (President of the International Yoga Council and of the International Yoga Federation)) Swami Asuri Kapila, Sri Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi.
Founds SHAKTIOM Cozumel Yoga Center in 1996. She is the ASHRAMACHARYA of Swami Ashram Maitreyananda in the Mexican Caribbean where she offer THE INTERNATIONAL YOGA TEACHER TRAINING in Purna Yoga Integral and many different methods, stilyes and techniques of yoga / www.yogamexico.net  / facebook: Swamini Ma Shaktiananda






Karma Swamini Lalita Premal (Ruth Herrera )  International Yogatherapy® Teacher, ( International Yoga Federation and International Yoga Registry. Academic Training: Biology degree  University of Sciences, UNAM / PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor /  Reiki Therapist Unit /  Advanced Instructor ThetaHealing ® / Subdirector of our ASHRAM SHAKTIOM , incharge of the folling classes Purna Yoga® 6:00 am Yogatherapy® 7:00 am & 7:00 pm , Open Meditations, Thetahealing®  therapy and workshops.


Karma Swamini Prem Lalita  (Ruth Herrera) INTERNATIONAL YOGA TEACHER and SWAMINI.
Certified in International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Registry.
Academic training in Biology degree in the University of Sciences  UNAM  /PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor /  
Reiki Therapist Unit  / Advanced Instructor ThetaHealing ® / Subdirector of  SHAKTIOM ASHRAM  /
In charge of the following classes: Intigral Purna  Yoga® , Yogatherapy®, Meditationand Thetahealing® therapy and workshops/   yogatherapy@yogacozumel.com



Karma Swami Shivaprakash (Armando Soriano) INTERNATIONAL ASHTANGA YOGA TEACHER, Certified in International Yoga Federation, International Yoga Registry .Fitness Personal Trainer, Detox and Gym Instructor./He is charge of the following classes: Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga Kramaji® (*by appointment/ GYM & FITNESS PERSONAL TRAINING )


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